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Sci9 eBooks is a multinational publisher of open access eBooks. It is important in the present era that covers all disciplines of science, technology and medicine. Each eBook chapters provides the latest information to the readers. Sci9 eBooks follows the principles of Open Access and states that eBooks published are accessed by anyone across the world. Readers can read, share, download, store, and distribute the copies of eBooks/chapters published without any subscription.

Sci9 eBooks is a roof for publishing the latest scientific work and acquiring knowledge on it. The main reason for scientist publishes in e-books to increase comfort and easier to access as it is open access.

Sci9 also provides ISBN number to each book and digital object index (DOI) number to each chapter. The chapters in book published in PDF and HTML versions. Hard copies were also available upon request of authors/readers.     

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Published Chapters

Environmental Changes


Author(s) : Aliyev Zakir Huseyn Oglu

Medicinal Aspects of Health

The Singularity of Il-12 in the Cytokine Network

Author(s) : Paolo Lissoni

Medicinal Aspects of Health

Uterine Metastasis from Gastric Cancer: Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Pathologic Features

Author(s) : Kyeong, A.K

Medicinal Aspects of Health

The First Case of Solitary Recurrence of Mucinous Borderline Ovarian Tumor in Uterus

Author(s) : Daniela Fischerova

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